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The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon

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Sweetie Drops in Slice of Life. Sweetie Drops as a filly in Pinkie Riding High - Various - The Wash (DVD). Her cutie En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa - Tapani Kansa - Joululauluja resembles that of a G1 pony named Bon Bon while her color scheme is similar to that of the G1 pony Gingerbread.

Different merchandise name her Sweetie Drops and Bon Bon. In Marks for Effortshe is referred to in dialogue as Bon Bon. Sweetie Drops frequently appears with Lyra Heartstringswhich has been explained by a layout artist to be mostly coincidental and based on aesthetic considerations, as far as season one is concerned. When Apple Bloom secretly fills Sweetie Drops's bag with apples in Call of the Cutie and demands payment for them, Sweetie Drops complains and looks at Applejack disapprovingly until she is given additional apples at no charge.

Sweetie Drops and Berryshine asking who Rarity is. She speaks again in The Super Speedy Cider Squeezyonce again with a different voice, where she complains about the cider she bought from Flim and Flam having rocks in it. She also appears in Hearts and Hooves Daystanding next to Lyra in the village shot and appears screaming in Apple Bloom's fantasy scene.

In Too Many Pinkie Pies she is in the crowd that gathers in front of the library to complain about the annoying Pinkie Pie clones. In Magic Duel she is glaring angrily at Trixie 's return to Ponyville after her last visit. She is also present during the rematch between Twilight Sparkle and Trixie, ducking under one of Twilight's spells. In Pinkie Prideshe appears in the present day and a filly version of her wearing glasses appears in a flashback.

It is revealed that Sweetie Drops is actually a former agent working for a monster-hunting agency out of Canterlot, but the agency was dissolved when a bugbear escaped from Tartarus. As the one who had originally captured it, Sweetie Drops went undercover in Ponyville using the alias "Bon Bon" to leave her old life behind.

This revelation deeply upsets Lyra, her best friend, but the two later make amends when Lyra shares one of her own secrets. She also appears in Party Pooped. She briefly appears in Triple Threatarguing with Lyra about cupcakes. In Common GroundSweetie Drops is seen among several buckball fans.

In 2, 4, 6, Greaaatshe appears in the buckball stadium crowd with Lyra. In She Talks to Angelthey appear having a picnic together. Duplicates: — one duplicate in the crowd, — a version with a pale blue-gray coat appears from a corner of the screen,— one Sweetie Drops in the plant team and one in the animal team.

Duplicates: — eight duplicates in the crowd, — one duplicate, — one duplicate in the audience,— another duplicate, — entire pony posse intermittently duplicated for effect, — three Sweetie Drops running, — two Sweetie Drops, — one duplicate near the finish line, — many Sweetie Drops scroll by.

Duplicates: — two duplicates I En Hall Med Flesk Og Mjod - Darkthrone - Preparing For War the audience, — one duplicate,— at least four duplicates. In an alternate world, her human counterpart appears as a high school student.

In Rarity's Biggest Fanthey appear talking to each other on the Friendship Express before they both get off when it arrives in Ponyville. In Sundae, Sundae, Sundaeshe appears attending the unveiling of the Sugarcube Corner ice cream museum.

In the chapter booksthe names Sweetie Drops and Bon Bon are both used. Contrary to a statement made by author G. Berrow, [7] the character Hunderttausend Urgewalten - Berluc - Hunderttausend Urgewalten not referenced by any name in Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell. The character appears in Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Darethe print version of which refers to her as Sweetie Drops and the e-book version of which refers to her as Bon Bon.

The character also appears in Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo. Sweetie The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon , under the name Bon Bon, is one of the available playable characters in Gameloft's mobile game.

Her in-game name is spoken aloud by Spike and Fake Tongue - Koda Kumi* - Walk Of My Life Sparkle.

She also plays a role in several story events. In Vol. Cutie Mark Magic toys include a Playful Ponies brushable of Sweetie Drops, the packaging of which depicts her with the same design as in the show and lists her name as a trademark. A third mini-figure toy of Sweetie Drops has been leaked. Sweetie Drops, along with hosts of characters from the show, appears on the Comic Con and Season 2 posters. On the season two poster, she is in front of Granny Smithto the left of Golden Harvestbehind Princess Celestiaand to the right of Lyra Heartstrings.

Despite being only coincidentally The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon together in the show, the designer of the posters intentionally placed Sweetie Drops and Lyra Heartstrings together on the Comic Con poster. There is a Sweetie Drops Funko figurethe packaging of which lists her name as a trademark. Sometimes referred to as Bon Bon, Sweetie Drops shares her beige coat and pigment blue mane with Shoeshine. Series 2 of Enterplay's trading cards includes a card featuring Sweetie Drops, the front of which lists her name as Bon Bon with a trademark symbol.

Maybe her habit of trying out new voices constantly is an attempt at dodging her rotten luck? A lot of her spare time she might say "way too much time" is spent suffering through the hijinks of her excitable roommate, Lyra Heartstrings. Don't be fooled through, those two are the best of friends! A description of her on the website reads "Beloved earth pony! Sweetie Drops appears on a number of WeLoveFine.

On "There's A Pony For That", which references the commercial of the same namethe backgrounds of the icons that Sweetie Drops and Lyra Heartstrings appear in are each the same color as the other pony's coat. None of the designs refer to Sweetie Drops or any of the other characters by name, though "Sweetie Bon Bon" and "Bon The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon Voice" are the website's titles for two designs each featuring her and no other characters, the description on the website's page for "Bon Bon Voice" states "Bon-Bon is quite the voice actress!

Bon Bon. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sweetie Drops Bon Bon. Contents [ show ]. Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Categories :. With Lyra Heartstrings [1]. Sweetie Drops image gallery Appearances gallery Speculation forum. Moderate arctic blue. Light apple greenish gray. Cutie mark. Tabitha St. Stands by Daisy and Minuette and rears up during the theme song. Duplicates: — Numerous duplicates in the audience. Duplicates: — one duplicate in the audience, Duplicates: — two Sweetie Drops in different sections of the town square.

Duplicates: — two The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon Drops in the crowd. Duplicates: — three Sweetie Drops in different areas of the town square. Duplicates: — two duplicates in the crowd. Duplicates: — one duplicate sitting near another Orange Swirl, Hooves ; - looking at the mess of toys with Lyra Heartstrings ; - talking to Orange Swirl.

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    The Four Voices - Ev'ry Hour, Ev'ry Day Of My Life / You Know I Do - Columbia - USA ().
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    Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon, a Single by The Four Voices with Ray Conniff and his Orchestra. Released in December on Columbia (catalog no. ; Vinyl 7").3/5(1).
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    Sweetie Drops, or Bon Bon, is a female Earth pony with a beige coat, pigment blue mane with a rose pink streak, cerulean eyes, and a cutie mark of three objects which are identified by Little, Brown's Mini Pony Collector's Guide and Gameloft's mobile game respectively as three candies and as.
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    Scottish Dances YouTube Videos S For general information about these videos, see Scottish Dancing Videos Explained. (Jump To Scottish Country Dances YouTube Videos Beginning With The Character.
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    The Four Voices - DANCING WITH MY SHADOW/ BON BON(45/7") - fejoraakinokusnigelv.infoinfo Music. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. CDs & Vinyl Go Search Hello Select your address 4/5(1).
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    THE FOUR VOICES_Bon Bon Early pop vocal group present in the Kreiter's guide consisted of Frank Posta (Bass Baritone), Bill McBride (Baritone), Allan Chase (Tenor) and Sal Mayo (Tenor). In back to the charts #50 with the tune_Dancing With My Shadow.
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    7" Single on 45cat: The Four Voices - Dancing With My Shadow / Bon Bon - Columbia - USA -
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    by The Four Voices. - genre? Lyrics To love me And night after night I go on dancing With my shadow [CHORUS] I dream we're dancing On a crowded floor Alone in the crowd She holds me in her arms And whispers in my ear Darling I am yours My teardrops remind me There's no one in sight Then I go dancing With my shadow Log on to.
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    Voice over rates vary, and depend on the characteristics of your project such as the length of your script and category of work (e.g. TV, radio, online video, etc.), as well as the particular voice actor you select. However, creating an account and posting a job on fejoraakinokusnigelv.infoinfo are both free.

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