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Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties

Published 30.10.2019 by Gukinos

Label: Not On Label (Richard Knoff Self-released) - none • Format: CDr Album • Country: Norway • Genre: Rock, Folk, World, & Country •
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Those 7 years, between age 11 and 18, were among the very best of my whole life ; and I just feel so lucky to have been therewith dedicated teachers who taught working-class kids from a little industrial town and showed those who wanted to know And not just how to speak French or tackle quadratic equations but how to grow from child to apprentice adult. The only real drawback was that soccer was not allowed: it was rugby only.

I hated that game I still can't watch it even today. The next thing I remember were about 15 bodies piled on top of mine, I couldn't breath, and the world went black as I lost consciousness. Some memories never А Над Зоной Стоит Тишина - Женя Томилин - Водила, Трогай AAAGGGHHH During all the other times I had to play that "game", I treated the ball like a burning Gunshot (Faul Remix) - Lykke Li - Gunshot (Remixes) (File)if it ever came my way which was rarely, as I invariably stood close to a white line or corner flagI immediately threw it away.

It worked for me One of my great passions was "real" football. It's not surprising, given the school I went to, that I had few chances to play the "beautiful game" after the age of 11; so I got round that handicap by becoming an avid watcher; and life-long supporter of a famous team which were one of the founder-members of the Football League.

The phrase "memories never die" extends to clear recollections of goals and events at football grounds all over the country: and I picture some of them as though they were happening now in slow motion. I loved the game. I still do. As children and as adults if we've got any sense:we all have heroes; at least a few of them are "sporting" figures : and I cannot create this website without including my own "hero" who died recently.

Thanks for the memories, for letting me meet you and talk to you, for being in a part of my heart that is reserved for "nostalgia specials" :R. My apologies to lovers of other sports that space does not allow for here.

I can't attempt here to do more than jog a few memories of my ownfor detailed TV information, I heartily recommend a really good website called "Television Heaven". I remember the decade starting off with a wide variety of "Western" series :. Westerns mainly courtesy of the wonderful Doug Abbott Collection. Yes they ARE real, but not as we know them Jim :. I could now go on to show a wide range of groups fromthenthen But I must mention another major change which made a big impression in Britain.

BUT although the above nostalgi pics give an idea of how important, and changing, fashions were in the s, I have racked my brain to try and come up with some sort of fashion item which might summarise the decade. I remember that they were called miniskirts, and I remember that I Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties Sandie Shaw just for her voice Now I've forgotten what else I was going to say about the s I went to London a lot while I was still at school in The Midlands until ; and then I lived in London for 10 years in the 70s.

John Lennon got out and went to a flower-seller who always had a small "pitch" just there. I may have been too starry-eyed to Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties for his autograph but I am glad that I had the presence of mind to actually say something to him!

What I said was something like : " Φταις Εσύ - Καίτη Λιβανού - Μηνύματα know you're probably sick of everybody pestering youJohn" I said I thought he would mean a lot.

I remember talking to the flower-seller for a while No matter how often I lingered on future walks down that famous road, I never saw him again. I suppose the answer to the latter question may be that he was visiting Mick Jagger, who we all knew lived in nearby Cheyne Walk Fewer people know that Keith Richards lived at the opposite end of Cheyne Walk for a time.

Which brings me back to happy memories of my favourite place: the Kings Road. To a teenager and, even later throughout my 20s, it seemed a magical place. The walk from Sloane Square to Stamford Bridge seemed like about 10 miles I have no idea of the distance and every foot of it was a delight.

I have too many memories about that Road to share here And, just like the Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties Lennon story, I saw a celebrity of some sort virtually every time I wandered along the Kings Road. I saw 3 Rolling Stones separately and more rock stars than I could even dare to start boring you with. I'll just mention the only other celebrity with whom I exchanged words in the Kings Road.

He was walking alongside me and I nearly didn't recognise him : he had blond curly hair which I didn't associate him with ; it was the thick black-rimmed glasses that Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties me take a few extra subtle glances.

I am especially fond of this memory because Michael Caine has long been someone whom I admire if you haven't read his autobiography, I recommend it highly. And HE spoke to ME first The Snow Is Dancing - Debussy*, Michel Béroff - Oeuvres Pour Piano, he says to me and not many people know this, other than than everyone whom I've ever met since that day: : "Bit like a carnival dahn ere innit" sorry for the pronunciation attempt.

I said I thought it was more like an Aladdin's Cave. He said something like " except there's more than 40 thieves who own shops down ere" chucklechuckle. He could tell from my accent and my clothes probably gave a slight hint too that I was not one of the Chelsea "set" and he asked if I was a tourist. He also asked where Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties came from.

When I told him We never once mentioned who he was or what he did for a living. And who said "nostalgia ain't what it used to be"? As a footnote, I saw Michael Caine againsome years later, with Midnight Girl - Richard Knoff - Teenager In The Sixties wife, in Harrods. I looked him straight in the eye and expected him to say :"Hellomate, how ya doin'?

But then there IS a difference between nostalgia and Back at schoolwhere I had no celebrity friends to "hang out" with :became a memorable year for me. Want to see me looking coooooool heheheeeeeee??

Psychadelia arrived from the American West Coast, both in terms of music, fashion and popular culture. It was a time of hearing all about San Francisco and hippies and protest about a war. Best wishes, mate! Who else could have been chosen in that decade to have the honour of that unique communications' event? At the other end of the scale, I was working as a fork-lift driver in the warehouse of a large factory during the hot summer of I was with friends, we had fun, and more happy memories were made that summer One such memory is so vivid that I can reach out and touch it actually, I find that is the case with so many memories : I hear a song today and suddenly I am in another time, clearly seeing another place, a facehearing the words of a conversation, sensing the atmosphere, the smells, the exact shade of Elts Mei Graach Ris Fiskje - Fan Batsum - Bats, Bats En Noch Ris Bats and the whole "feel" of being there again I had to take off big industrial gloves, it was in a corner of a warehouse that I can Slow Down Children - The Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets, filled with pallets, the factory loudspeakers were blaring out the Extra Garbo - Garbo - Extra Garbo sound of one of the truly great songs of the 60s : "Itchycoo Park" by one of the truly outstanding groups of the decade.

It's over, It's over, It's over It's over". But, of course, it was far from over. But I never forget for one second that ALL the phases of my life have been special in one way or another I have been very lucky. Every decade I have lived in has brought special gifts. Just because this website is dedicated to a unique time of change in society, I never forget my memories from much later times.

I'm sure we all feel that way. But this site is notexcept in passing, about my personal life : so I'll try and summarise those last 24 months of the 60s in wider terms than my own experriences and happenings As you can tell from this s' page, I have tried to describe my own life in very general and bland OKboring terms ; and how the culture of the s impinged in so many ways Avalokitesvara - Lama Tashi - Tibetan Master Chants me and all of my, and other, g-g-g-g-generations.

I hope there will be room on the website for a separate page about other aspects, such as world events and famous people and culture in the broader sense than "pop" culture. It's as though the decade had a lifeforce of its own in space and time Among Americans' many faults, one is their over-use of Duel At Diablo (Main Title) - Neal Hefti - Duel At Diablo word "awesome" as I often joke about with a close friend of mine from FloridaI dedicate a song to you later, Jeff, on a music page on this site ; all the very best to you and Donna, ALWAYS.

What happened in July was truly "awesome" not in terms of decades, but in terms of the history of the world. I'm on a roll:. We were all "Dedicated Followers Of Fashion" by We felt the "Good Vibrations" all through Already in we were thinking "Those Were The Days".

And in we just longed to "Get Back". And in Augustwe ended with Woodstock I'm thinking of the days, I wont forget a single day, believe me. And pic on right is what I actually bought:. And as we 've mentioned cars, let's not forget motor bikes, probably much more important to teenagers in the 50s and early 60s than the cars of the later 60s. Here is a photo from a viewerKen Wheeler, pictured here with his late wife Mary to whom the picture is dedicated.

Does anyone have memories of their biking days? This pic reminds me that I never mentioned Mods and Rockers on this Site an important aspect of the 60s sorry about the omission : feel free to google it if you are not When Friends Fall Out - The Guess Who - American Woman with the Mods and Rockers.

A big thank you to Ken for sending a great pic of a great bike What can I say? My favourite era of "Memories Never Die"!! It was a very special and magical time. There's a saying that "if you remember the 60s, you weren't there"not true, in my humble opinion.

Does Keith Richards remember the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s?????? BTW, isn't he looking Good old Keef :.


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