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Bering Got The Infection But Snosprays Got The Injection - Various - Snospray / K.i.o.l

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I got a bad steam burn on one of my fingers and now it is blistering. I have always been taught to puncture the blister and release the fluid, but my coworkers are telling me not to do this. They say I should just leave it and it will burst on its when it is ready to form new skin. It sounds reasonable, but I am confused my the mixed information.

What should I do? You CAN puncture it and let out the fluid and it will relieve the pain. Use a sterelized pin or scissor and make a very small hole. This will relieve the pain and act as a barrier to your raw skin. You can also put on Bering Got The Infection But Snosprays Got The Injection - Various - Snospray / K.i.o.l bandaid with neosporin, but quite frankly, good old soap and water will do the trick.

The newest Big Work - Donna Summer - Belligerent Super-Vision (File, Album) care prodacals call for only soap and water.

And sometimes neosporin can make it worse. Looks like you may still be confused by the mixed answers here too. I am not a doctor or nurse but I am a mother and a person who blisters easily. Puncturing the blister does open you up for higher risk of infection but the blister will pop on its own and put you there anyway. If the blister is too big or in an area that causes difficulty in your everyday life then you may need to pop it to be able to function.

DO NOT tear off the loose skin. Let the new skin form first and the Ave María - Raphael - Ayer, Hoy Y Siempre. Sus Grandes Éxitos skin will come off when it is ready. If you Bering Got The Infection But Snosprays Got The Injection - Various - Snospray / K.i.o.l that skin off too early you are very susceptible to infection and looking at a lot of pain.

Good luck! NO no no!!!! Leave the blister alone. It will eventually "leak" its self. The blister is making a natural bandage to keep out bacteria and stuff. The only thing you can do is of course run gentle cold water Ambitionz Az A Ridah - 2Pac - All Eyez On Me it and then keep it dry.

However if you are close to a McD's you can get some of their pickles and put it on the burn. It really works to relieve the pain. I had a tremendous burn from working there and put pickles on it and oh what a relief. No scar either. But only do it on the first day and not on an open burn only on the blister. In this case I would leave it alone but if you do pop it use a clean needle and apply antiseptic and a bandage.

Generally I leave it alone unless it is causing discomfort say on my foot from hiking. If you puncture it you run the risk of infection. It will puncture no matter what you do so I would recommend cutting a very small slit into the blister with a very clean knife and then immediately using peroxide and neosporin.

Also keep the wound covered with a band-aid. You should never burst a blister especially not if it could be from a burn you would know if it's from a burn! Answer Save. Favorite Answer. Rachel Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Wile E. Never ever burst a blister. Its a natural form which prevents infection and fluid loss.

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