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Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File, Album)

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Label: Big School Records - BSR-006 • Format: 9x, File FLAC, Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Experimental, Indie Rock
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Point Reyes is Album) prominent cape and popular Northern California tourist destination on the Pacific coast. The term is often applied to the Point Reyes Peninsulathe region bounded by Tomales Bay on the northeast and Bolinas Lagoon Album) the southeast. The headland is protected as part of Point Reyes National Seashore.

The cape protects Drakes Bay on its southern side. The headland is largely drained by Drakes Estero. West of the ridge, the land flattens out and the vegetation turns to scrub.

The Mount Vision fire in burned part of Inverness Ridge. Point Reyes lends its name to the town of Point Reyes Station. The point may once have been known as Lobes Lighthouse by the sailors of clipper ships on the meat trade. Point Reyes' first inhabitants, the Coast Miwoklived on the land for No.

4 - Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa of years. Seasonal hunters and gatherers, they were nourished by fish, clams, mussels, and crab, in addition to the deer, elk, bear, mud hen, geese, and small game they hunted with spears and bows.

Although they did not cultivate the land, the Coast Miwok utilized a variety of different plants growing at Point Reyes. In particular, acorns served as a staple, as they could be stored in dry granaries to provide sustenance when food was less plentiful. Although the Coast Miwok periodically interacted with European explorers, [3] they continued their peaceful existence until late in the 18th century when the Spanish built Mission San Rafael and padres began journeying to Point Reyes to recruit them to move to the mission.

While attempting to convert them, these padres disrupted their traditional way of life and introduced diseases that brought untimely deaths, fewer births, and significantly increasing infant mortality rates.

InCoast Miwok descendants established the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, and in Decemberlegislation passed granting the tribe federal recognition. Today, the tribe boasts almost members, [4] who Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File a rebirth of traditional customs and ceremonies, often held in Kule Loklo" Valley of the Bear", a replica Miwok village in Point Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File National Seashore.

Although early explorers and Spanish trading galleons journeying between the Philippines and Acapulco passed by Point Reyes, some even anchoring briefly, it is the landing by Sir Francis Drake that dominates discussion of this era of Point Reyes early history. The exact location of his landing, significant as the first European landing in Northern California, has sparked countless hours of spirited debate spanning four centuries.

Some experts believe, however, that he landed somewhere near the area on June 17, and proclaimed it Nova Albion New Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File. Although the exact location of Sir Francis Drake's anchorage at Point Reyes is still being debated, his chaplain's observations about the areas inhabitants suggest the landing occurred near a Coast Miwok settlement.

These notes describe the genial welcome Drake and his men received, complete with ceremony and gifts, as well as the landscape and wildlife, and included commentary about fog which frequently obscures the peninsula during the summer months. Rumors of Drake's discovery of a safe harbor on the California coast intrigued the Spanish. Their trade between the Philippines and Mexico was booming, and they were constantly seeking safe harbors along their route.

Many believe that Drake's discovery of such a harbor inspired the Spanish to order Sebastian Rodriguez Cermenoa Portuguese captain trading for Spain, to survey the California coast on his journey to Mexico from the Philippines in Commanding San Agustina Manila Eddy Grant - Walking On Sunshine - The Very Best Of Eddy Grant laden with a luxury cargo of Chinese silks, spices, and Ming porcelain bound for Acapulco, Cermeno endured both the first of hundreds of documented shipwrecks at Point Reyes, as well as one of the most amazing journeys to safety.

Struggling with a decrepit, heavily laden ship and a tired crew, Cermeno explored the California coast, eventually anchoring near the Point Reyes inlet now called Drakes Estero. Within a few days, a November storm beached the ship where it listed and was relentlessly pounded by the furious surf. It soon broke apart, killing several men and dumping the precious cargo, some of which was eventually collected and used by the local Coast Miwok inhabitants. Cermeno salvaged a small, open launch, likened to a large canoe, and loaded it with the 70 surviving crew members to begin the long journey home.

After a grueling two-month voyage, remembered as a remarkable feat of seamanship, Cermeno and all crew arrived safely in Acapulco in January Despite his amazing journey, Cermeno received no celebratory welcome, for he had not only lost his ship and cargo, but had also failed to locate the safe harbor he was ordered to find. Despite reports of a lovely land populated by friendly tribes, Spain neglected California until the second half of the 18th century.

By that time, trade had become Album) important source of income, and it was becoming clear that the nation controlling California's harbors would reap incredible profits. To identify sites for presidios and missions, an overland expedition of 67 men and pack mules left San Diego in Pushing on north along the coast, they Part I - Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray Live I-XII discovered San Francisco Bay.

Prior to that, from a high point on the coast south of Pacificathey saw and recognized from the description of Manila Galleon pilot Cabrera Bueno Point Reyes and the Farallon Islands. ByMission San Rafael was established and padres began journeying to Point Reyes, intent on enticing the El Hijo Del Pueblo - Jorge Negrete - El Charro Inolvidable Miwok to the mission.

Although they were successful in convincing many to settle at the mission, it was soon clear that the Coast Miwoks were not thriving. Serious outbreaks of smallpox and pneumonia killed many. Those who survived sickened from a wide variety of other illnesses, such as colds and measles.

Birth rates dropped, and mortality rates increased at an alarming rate. Since the missions depended upon healthy workers for their prosperity, these Album) foretold their demise.

Mexico gained independence from Spain and possession of California in Most mission land was subdivided and into large land grants used mainly for cattle ranching.

When the Spanish missions in California were dismantled, virtually all of Point Reyes was given to Rafael Garciaa corporal in the Mexican Army, who was awarded two leagues acres in March Named Rancho Tomales y Baulinesit is believed to have included the entire Olema Valley from Tomales Bay to Bolinas Lagoon, although its borders were never clearly defined.

Garcia's failure to survey and confirm boundaries, as required by Mexican law, set the stage for confusion and lengthy court battles when the rancho was dissolved.

Unlike many rancheros, Garcia obeyed the law by actually living there. He built a wood and thatch home near today's National Seashore Bear Valley Headquarters and soon had a comfortable home for his family as well as Album) for his extensive Album) operation consisting of approximately 3, cattle, horses, and large herds of sheep and hogs. The rancho thrived, and was soon largely self-sufficient. Grains and produce were grown, and a wild steer was slaughtered each day to provide the staple diet of tortillas and beefsteak.

Additionally, wool was processed and woven for clothing, and hides were crafted into a wide variety of leather products, including To Be With You - Sarita J. - To Be With You and saddles.

To acquire luxury items he could not produce, Garcia, like most coastal rancheros, traded hides, tallow, and produce to smugglers. As a result, his rancho was adorned with bronze candlesticks, fine candles, artificial flowers, framed engravings, and elegant furniture.

He also enjoyed seemingly unlimited supplies of wine and champagne. Although it is likely Garcia got most of his luxury items from smugglers, he may have obtained some of them from another source — Point Reyes' many shipwrecks. Soon after the American takeover, the Gold Rush brought floods of prospectors. Unfortunately for Garcia, these gold-rich years Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File quickly: inthe United States passed a law requiring rancheros to prove legal ownership of their land grants.

While the Garcias continued ranching, their land began to disappear Album), after 15 years of litigation, multiple court appearances, and high legal fees, Garcia had sold all but acres of his grant at bargain basement prices. Although Garcia believed he owned virtually all of Point Reyes, another Point Reyes land grant was awarded the same year, It was given to an Irishman James Berry who had become a Mexican citizen and colonel in Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File army.

This land grant was also in the Olema Valley, and, to Really Saying Something (He Was Really Sayin Somethin) - Various - Hit-Wave to the boundary confusion, he soon left the area and hired Garcia to oversee it.

A mere two years later Berry sold nearly 9, acres of it to a sea captain, Joseph Snook, an act clearly prohibited by Mexican law and grounds for forfeiture of the entire grant.

Although Berry understandably wanted to keep the sale secret, Snook wanted legal title. He Album) that the only way he could Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File legal title Album) the land he had illegally purchased was to formally denounce Berry's ownership on the grounds that he had never occupied it. He was successful and gained legal title to the land he had illegally purchased, stocked it with 56 head of cattle, and, like Berry, hired Garcia to oversee it.

Three months after he won legal title, he illegally sold it. And began a confusing series of sales and transfers that no one seemed to be able to untangle. Finally, Album)the rancheros themselves asked the Mexican government to investigate titles and clarify ownership. Stemmer - Point Reyes - Golden (File was clarified, and it was not until the United States took possession of California and required rancheros to conduct surveys and make court appearances to retain their land that the confusing pattern of sales and trades were untangled.

Most rancheros were eventually able to prove ownership. Unfortunately, by this time, they had run out of cash and were forced to sell to pay the survey and daunting legal fees. Entrepreneurial Americans were delighted to capitalize on the opportunity.

Settlement patterns at Point Reyes Album) forever changed when the Shafters acquired it. Lords of Point Reyes for decades, the Shafter Brothers, Oscar and Jamesand son-in-law Charles Webb Howardestablished large-scale, high-quality dairies that became prime examples of cleanliness, organization, and success.

Oscar was the first to arrive. A Vermont lawyer intent upon making his fortune and returning home as soon as possible, he left his family to journey to booming San Francisco.

His separation from them became intolerable when his two youngest children died while he was away. Still not willing to give up the promise of wealth, he convinced his Album) to come, bringing their surviving daughter. They thrived, and Oscar fathered four more California-born daughters. Oscar soon convinced his younger brother, James, also a lawyer, to join him.

They became known as San Francisco's foremost authorities on title litigation. Using their title expertise, they began acquiring Point Reyes land.

When Oscar's oldest daughter married Charles Album) Howard, also a lawyer, the trio partnered to transform windswept Point Reyes into prosperous dairies. Bythey had 3, cows on 17 dairies and were producing overpounds of butter a year.

All their dairies were operated by renters. When the most Album) of these renters tried to buy the dairy they worked, they failed. Many eventually left, establishing some of California's major dairies. Despite their boundless optimism about the promise of Point Reyes, they did not get rich from it.

Although they lived the opulent lifestyles of the wealthy of San Francisco, they were plagued by financial worries. Their children tried to hold on to the dairies, trying unsuccessfully to stop their decline despite aging ranches, sickening herds, and often unhappy tenants. Finally, inan era ended when the last of the Shafter Empire was sold, ushering Album) a new parade of owners.

For centuries, Bolinas' remote lagoon made it the perfect secret harbor. Although it is not so documented, it is likely that the Russian expedition to Bodega Bay that nearly wiped out the local otters and fur seals hunted in Bolinas Lagoon.

During Spanish and Mexican rule, this remote lagoon was used by American, British, and Russian smugglers intent on avoiding tariffs and regulations. Later, when the Gold Rush of generated a huge market for lumber, Bolinas became the port for nearby timber operations and, briefly, quarrying limestone.

By the late s, Bolinas had become home to a large community of idealistic hippies, many of whom had left San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury for a less populated paradise. Inthey succeeded in scrapping a master plan calling for a population of 28, by imposing a moratorium on new homes and defeating efforts to widen its access highway.


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