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Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary

Published 28.01.2020 by Mubei


Download Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary

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Go to page. First Prev 26 of 44 Go to page. Threadmarks View all 7 threadmarks Reader mode Recent threadmarks 1. Reader mode. Y'know, I think we should recommend less planet-destroying, divinely-made legendary weapons and recommend some less powerful ones that Taylor can use for the time being. Something like, I dunno, Callinelus Mallus. It hits hard as fuck and yet you cannot knock enemies back with it.

With the added bonus of chilling whatever you hit by PoE's standard, chilling is essentially cold-induced slowness. Perfect for fighting slippery-yet-tough opponents that just won't stop running from yah. I would recommend some others from the same game but they are honestly either bland or too broken when used "for real". Baked the Author Anxious Pizza Box. SirWill Shiny-hoarding Dragon. Baked the Author said:. Guts: I'll be good. So I wonder if some of the more conceptual weapons from WoW could be made, things like the hammer of Khaz'goroth or the scepter of the tides.

Hell, even Ashbringer would be cool and it's just as much a sword as it is a semi-sentient nexus of light magic. Probably best not to create Frostmourne though. The only issue i have with the hookwolf thing is the Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary landed in the city. With all the bonuses and how amped up the hit was?

I heard the smash brothers getting crushed off-screen sound from that hit. How did that mother fuck not fly out of the city, bounce off the rig's forcefield. Then fly off and land in new york someplace. Like legends office. DCG said:.

Well, we don't really need a broken weapon, we just need one that is effective. Such as the Silver Spoon of this guy. Hey how stuff like this or this or maybe this or possibly this! Oh Oh Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary about this or even something like this? I don't know. I've never watched Berserk so I'm just kinda shitballing here The quiet watcher Verified Old One.

Sorry if this is necromancy but Custodator Pacis said:. Ridli Scott Verified acid sweater mutant. The quiet watcher said:. Ridli Scott said:. One day old posts aren't necro. Fithteen days are. Derain Von Harken said:. And for fun things for hooky to land in. I vote three. Hot asphalt used in roadworks. Derain Von Harken. MasterXellos said:. I vote for the Marty McFly ending and have Hookwolf land in a pile of manure Not setting appropriate. Brockton Bay is a port town.

Make it a steaming pile of fish guts. Last edited: Oct 1, Ahh, but Bitch's rescued dogs are kept in a large lot and near Empire territory. On the other hand, Bitch, or Coil, don't seem the type to leave crap lying around. Besides, where he actually lands is even better, muahahahahaha. Edit: almost forgot.

This happens tomorrow. Also, Armsmaster being really frustrated with everyone, Milita being a good little soldier, and Hookwolf Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary a long shower before putting on the full-body cast. Forgetful Silverspoon Cages - 454 - Maybe Legendary Chemist. Melakias said:. Step 1-Acquire Lung. Step 2-Apply aura of anger Step 3-Use amped Lung as forge. Step 4-????????? Step 5-Swords and profit. Just for the lolz, I'd love to see an Omake with the Wabbajack.

I'm tempted to try my hand at an omake myself, possibly involving a certain famous bar from another Worm fic Forgetful said:. A new level of swole Muscles you can forge on.

Hell Lung might approve. Forge him a bullshit samurai sword using his flame and he will totally be for it. Oh, this looks super fun. Disappointed to be out already! Keep it coming. Hopeful the PRT tries to chill a little, but by no means counting on it.

Hookwolf does run a dog fighting ring so all of that shit has to end up somewhere. You must log in or register to reply Non Resta Che Perdersi - Io?Drama - Non Resta Che Perdersi.


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    Download free - Maybe Legendary. mp3 or flac format. Full zip rar archives.

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