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Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone

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Label: A&M Records - 75021 5343 2 • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Art Rock, Prog Rock, Power Pop, Hard Rock
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The Ghost Zone is a fictional dimension from the Nickelodeon animated television series Danny Phantomsimilar to the concept of the " Neitherworld " in Tim Burton 's Beetlejuice. Danny's parents construction of a 'Ghost portal', an artificial gateway into the 'ghost zone', where-in Danny, standing inside his parents 'ghost portal' when it activated, is infused with ectoplasm all the way down to Danny's molecular level—the end result is Danny's is rendered with a variety of ' ghost powers '.

Essentially the home of all full ghost characters on the show,like skulker the Ghost Zone is a dimensional realm—its very physical presence, material-wise; all of the solidsliquids and gasesare all composed entirely out of various forms and substances, all of which is collectively known as " ectoplasm "--which is in itself not only physical, jellyfoamgel or goo or more solid forms ; but also ethereal -- energy.

Ectoplasm has quintessence -esque properties; the animating principal of quintessence is able to animate inanimate objects. The Ghost Zone as a dimension in time-space fluidic phase as portals can naturally form—portals between the Earth and the Ghost Zone, portals to other dimensions, and portals through time and space. The Ghost Zone features a wide variety of Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone , all of them accessible through unusual doors that usually have something to do with what's through them.

On more powerful levels, Ectoplasm itself can warp the fabric of time and space creating tears or portals between Earth and the Ghost Zone. A ghost portal is necessary to enter or exit the Ghost Zone. So far, four of the known portals are artificial; Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone created by the Fentons, one created by Vlad Masters, the small prototype portal that the three were involved with in their University days though this one was never definitely shown to workand the mirror to Sidney Poindexter's Casper High from the 50's Although Danny broke it.

However, there are also many other naturally created portals around the world, space, and the other planets as well, which may open and close up at any given time The Infi-Map can be used to spot one. These natural portals apparently may ignore time as well, transporting people who go through them to different time periods. Some ghosts, like Wulf and Dark Dannyhave also been able to create temporary ghost portals at will. The Ghost Zone features many different locations shown as islands floating in space.

These areas differ on their own, or due to other ghost's powers. Such as a black and white version of Casper High stuck in the 50's, or a medieval island kingdom in which time does not advance, and technology doesn't work. A property that appears to remain mostly constant is that living people who enter Ghost Zone are intangible to everything that the Ghost Zone presents as physical to ghosts. As the map indicates, it's a work in progress.

It is revealed in Livin' Large that the Earth and the Ghost Zone share a dimensionally symbiotic bond, which goes so far that if the Ghost Zone is destroyed, Earth will be destroyed in the process as well, and vice versa. Ghost can apparently have children together or be related. The less known ecto-sapians, i. Artifacts that potentially originate from within the Ghost Zone that hold particular powers or abilities. The weapon of The Fright Knightit is both his greatest power and one main weakness.

When The Soul Shredder cuts someone, they are teleported to an alternate dimension where their greatest fears become real. To banish the Fright Knight and return his victims from their fear dimension, one must sheathe his sword into a pumpkin.

An artifact of the Ghost Zone, this Ghostly Skeleton Key is empowered as a universal key which can open up any door, travel to any realmand free any prisoner. It is also the only key which can open the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep, which keeps Pariah Dark imprisoned within. Its was guarded by Behemoth until Vlad stole it. The Ring of Rage and the Crown of Firewhich give the bearer tremendous if not unlimited ability and potential power.

The Ring of Rage can only be used in conjunction with the Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone of Fire. Seen only in Reign Storm. A spectral-powered Sarcophagus of unknown origins, this artifact was used by a group of ancient ghosts to imprison Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone Dark. The only known key Blues In B Flat - The Modern Jazz Quartet - Blues On Bach it is The Ghostly Skeleton Key and its power to render its victim into " Forever Sleep " is only effective when the victim is trapped within and the lid is closed and locked.

The Reality Gauntlet is a glove that covers the hand and arm to the elbow. The gauntlet is used by the character known as Freakshow. More obviously based on the Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Gems the most powerful ancient objects in the Marvel Comics Universethe Reality Gauntlet is powered by a triangular gem which acts as the power source and three other gems. This artifact uses " spectral power " to weave and reweave the fabric of reality. It only appeared in " Reality Trip" where Freakshow sought after it and its powers, ultimately forcing Danny and his friends to collect all three gems in exchange for their family's life.

They do so and Danny is confronted in a final showdown with a reality-controlling Freakshow, eventually fooling him and destroying the gauntlet. When the gems are pressed in a certain order form, fantasy, form, life, fantasy, followed by the final gemtheir powers fuse together, giving the wearer total control over all reality. In the initial fight with Freakshow, Danny, Tucker Foley, and Sam Manson accidentally set off this sequence, giving the gauntlet control of all reality.

To prevent this power from being abused, the gauntlet has a built-in safety mechanism: whoever touches one of the gems while it is in the gauntlet can teleport the gem out of the gauntlet by simply wishing it away.

With the gem out of the gauntlet, the Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone loses the power that the gem supplied. The gem's power can be activated by mere touch outside of the gauntlet, but it is only Ghosts - Bloc - In The Free Zone they are in the gauntlet that they can be properly controlled, and only when they are in the gauntlet can they rewrite reality.

When used by hand they seem to burn the hand of the user. Seen only in "Beauty Marked"this ring allowed Princess Dorathea to infiltrate To Know Her Is To Love Her - The Beatles - Live At The BBC - Disc 1 High while remain undetectable to Danny's Ghost Sense but also allowed her to communicate with her brother, Prince Aragon, while she was on Earth and her brother was in the Ghost Zone.

The map itself resembles a scroll. It makes its first appearance in the episode "Infinite Realms" when Frostbite offers to let Danny and his friends use it to lead them home. Apart from being a complete map of the Ghost Zone, Angel Girl - Kim Rune Hagen - So Free map has the unique ability to transport its user s to any specific portal or location on the map.

The map activates itself when the user s say where it is they want to go to. The Infi-map will immediately " fly " to the portal while the user s hang on to one end of the map. At the end of the episode, the map goes back to the care of Frostbite and his race. In " Phantom Planet ", Vlad Lovers Carvings - Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue the Map from Frostbite and uses it to travel to the rings of Saturn and his satellite within an instantaneously, however, it is retrieved by Danny, Sam and Tucker for Frostbite—but instead it was later used to help track down ghosts to help him save the planet from the " Disasteroid ".

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