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Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth

Published 24.01.2020 by Shaktikora

Label: Rokstar 4:69 - ROKCD001 • Format: CD Mixed • Country: US • Genre: Electronic • Style: Breaks, Electro, Ambient
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Sandy had just gotten off the phone with her now ex-boyfriend Jim. She was devastated even though they were only going together for 6 months. Tonight was the night she was going to sleep with him for the first time. Sandy had it all planned out. She was going to cook him a great dinner, and after dinner she was going to slip away to change into some lingerie she had bought for the special occasion.

She had purchased a sheer black baby doll for the occasion. Sandy was still crying when she decided that it was his loss, and she would find someone else. Sandy finally calmed down, and started to get angry. Sandy decided she would show him. Sandy stripped off her t-shirt and sweats. Sandy stood there in her Absolute Zero - Various - Zappruder Collection #2 and Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth when an idea popped into her mind.

Sandy stripped off her underwear and put on the black sheer baby doll with matching thong she was going to wear for him. Sandy looked in the mirror, and saw how amazing she looked. Sandy stood 5'6" in the heels that she put on with the baby doll.

Her dirty blonde hair spilled over her shoulders. Sandy's 32Cs filled the cups of the Just Getting Older - Oasis - The Hindu Times doll, and she could see her small areolas and erect nipple through the fabric. Sandy looked down at the thong, and could see her neatly trimmed bush through it.

The fabric of the thong clung to her pussy lips like it was already wet. Sandy decided to take some pictures of the outfit to send to Jim. The pictures showed Jim what he was missing out on, but didn't reveal anything she didn't want him to see.

Sandy got a little more daring with each shot she took. Eventually the baby doll was gone showing off her breasts, and Sandy's メルトダウン* / DM (13) - 農民の歌 / Obsession (Flexi-disc) were now rock hard. Sandy was now sitting on the in front of the mirror with her legs spread wide taking shot after shot. Sandy noticed a wet spot forming on her thong. Sandy was horny as hell, and needed some relief.

She removed the thong, and stuck a finger in her wet pussy. Sandy was going nuts fingering herself, but managed to snap a few more pictures of her masturbating.

Her thumb started to play with her clit, and she put the camera Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth to play with her nipples. This went on for ten more minutes until Sandy came hard around her fingers. Once Sandy came down from her orgasm she decided she needed to clear her head. Sandy went to the bathroom and showered to clean herself up. Every time she brushed her clit an electric shock went through her body.

She was tempted to have another go around, but decided to wait until later that night and bring out her vibrator for the second round. Sandy loved walking in the woods, and thought a walk in the park would be the best way to clear her head. Sandy made her way to Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth bedroom to get dressed. It was dinner time on a Sunday, so the park would be deserted. She picked out a t-shirt and tight shorts to wear for her walk.

Sandy decided against a bra or underwear for her walk. Sandy wanted to feel free, and decided no underwear was the way to feel the freedom. She put on the t-shirt and shorts, and looked in the mirror.

She could see her hard nipples through the white worn t-shirt, and the pink shorts looked like they were painted on. Sandy didn't care. She was feeling naughty. Sandy turned around in front of the mirror, and had a great shot for her tight ass.

Anyone seeing her wouldn't be able to take their eyes off of her. Sandy sat on the bed, and put on some white socks and tennis shoes. When she spread her legs to tie her shoes the fabric of the shorts rode up between her pussy lips. The fabric rubbed her clit, and another shock went throughout her body.

Sandy stood up, but did not pull the shorts out of her pussy. She looked in the mirror one more time, and saw her camel toe Moby - Porcelain (The Remixes) on Lagerfeuer - Various - Rapunzel - Neu Verföhnt. Sandy left the shorts the way they were.

She figured if she pulled them out there would already be a wet spot where the shorts went in. Sandy was ready for her walk and went to the door. Every step stimulated her pussy. Her body was on fire, and she loved it. Sandy hopped in her car and as she spread her legs to get in another shock rocked her body as the shorts rode up more. Even when she switched from the gas to the brake it stimulated her pussy.

It took Sandy a lot longer to make it to the park this day. Once at the park Sandy's prediction of the park being empty was correct. There were no cars in the parking lot, and not a soul in sight.

As Sandy exited the car she spread her legs wide again, and the shorts rode way up into her pussy. Her clit was on fire with the shorts rubbing up against it. Sandy almost got back into her car to finish herself off, but really needed the walk to clear her head.

Sandy started down the trail with her phone in her hand. Sandy sent Jim some of the tamer pictures she took earlier, and put her phone away in her sock to continue her walk. The park closest to Sandy's house was well wooded, and there were always rumors going around of gangs using it for drug deals. Sandy never saw this going on, and she never believed the stories of the gangs capturing women and raping them in the woods.

Sandy was halfway through her walk when her pussy couldn't take the rubbing anymore. The fabric of the shorts was doing a good job of hitting her in all the right places. Sandy looked down and could see her nipples almost poking through the fabric of the worn t-shirt. Sandy decided to get off the trail, and play with herself before heading back. Sandy made it off the trail about 40 feet when she spotted a clearing a little farther ahead.

Climbing over some logs to get to the spot did nothing to quench the desire she had to cum. In fact, the constant spreading of her legs drove her nuts. Sandy made it to the clearing when she heard voices coming from the trail. Sandy froze in her tracks, and waited for the people to pass. The voices stopped, so Sandy thought the coast was clear. The excitement of almost Unalaska Ice Files (The Exaltics Remix) - Composite Profuse - Unalaska Ice Files caught was too much for her.

Sandy bent over and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. Sandy had one foot out when she heard a voice behind her. Sandy looked back, and saw two large black men standing there staring at her bare ass. Sandy tried to stand up and pull her shorts up at the same time, but only managed to fall forward on her knees. Sandy's knees were spread and it gave a great shot of her pussy from behind. Sandy got to her feet, and had her shorts back on. The two black men were closing in on her, and Sandy knew she had to get out of there.

Sandy made a break for it. She ran towards the trail just to run straight into three more black men. Two of the men grabbed Sandy's arms, and dragged her back to the clearing kicking Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth screaming.

With all the movement Sandy's shorts rode up. Sandy's ass cheeks were on display, and her pussy lips were separated by the bunched pink fabric. A quick slap to the cheek shut Sandy up in a hurry. Sandy was thrown down to the ground as the five men met. Each group asked the other if they brought the entertainment. Sandy tried to pull the fabric from her ass and pussy, but a quick kicked stopped her from continuing.

No one claimed Sandy as theirs, and they formed Immersion - North Hive - Immersion (File, Album) tight Finger Funkin - DJ Sandy - The One * The Only * Sandy - Rebirth around her. Sandy was staring at the ground crying when one of the guys stated money first, and entertainment second. Sandy tried not to look at the men as she sat on the ground sobbing into her hands.

As the deal was going Sandy was learning the black guys nicknames. The big guy who did most of the talking was Ty.


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    Sandy screamed "No" as his finger hit the send button. Sandy's head dropped in defeat as the last confirmed sent came on the screen. Ty grabbed Sandy's chin and made her look him in the eyes. He told her she needed to be punished for lying to them. The only response Sandy could think of was "Yes, Sir.".
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    Explore releases from DJ Sandy at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from DJ Sandy at the Discogs Marketplace. 2 DJ Mixes 5 Miscellaneous The One * The Only Sandy* Rebirth.
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    Nov 08,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Sandy · Ronny & The Daytonas G.T.O. Best Of The Mala Recordings ℗ Originally released All rights reserv.
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    Dec 29,  · DJ (ft Algorrid3m & Sandy Robbie) is the first single from Egmond's album "Nog Vuil Wasgoed" and is distributed by Next Music. The song features the talents of Algorrid3m (aka Slay) whom.
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    Jan 27,  · Dj Sandy Electro DJ-Sandy Electro Menna. Loading Unsubscribe from DJ-Sandy Electro Menna? DJ Notorious - Lungi Dance Remix - Duration: DJ .
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    Hello all another mix for all those do listen to my mixes hope you all enjoy gone for a bit off a grotty/wobbly vibe with this one ☝🏽 DJ Sandy March 19, ·/5(5).
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