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Aris - Ancient Rites - Fatherland

Published 27.01.2020 by Vunris

Label: Not On Label (Ancient Rites ) - none • Format: Cassette Album, Unofficial Release • Country: Bulgaria • Genre: Rock • Style: Black Metal
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Lyrics Aris - Ancient Rites - Fatherland Tablatures Links Feedback. Search lyrics archive:. All lyrics are property and copyright of their respective owners and are provided for educational purposes only. All advertising proceeds are used to maintain its servers. Add to Favorites. Ancient Rites lyrics Album: Fatherland [] Tracks.

Hear me, ancient forefather Ambiorix Honoured be Thy deeds Leading our tribes against the aggressor Outnumbered, a campaign that could not be won But Matter Of Fact - No For An Answer - No For An Answer Thy blood in my veins Gracious Spartan civilisation Eternally blessed Thy war spirit Surrounded by thousands of Persians "Molon lave" a final proud statement None of thee survived but Thy Hellenic glory is everlasting Noble was your cause, brave Vercingetorix Sad the day of your sacrifice An example to your Celt tribe Dying in solitude But Thy soul forever in my heart Remember the moment Jerusalem fell The shrieks of the Shooting Star - Grain And Demise - Grain & Demise, the conqueror's yell The roofs that we fired, and the plunder we shared The wealthy we slaughtered, the lovely we spared Aris!

And Aris shone! And Mars rose! When the restless North Sea is trying to gain more land And a merciless west wind steals my breath When the fierce waves are pounding on the beaches Plain as an endless desert Or uttermost vile storms are Teaching my people humbleness Then one can see my land resist There one can see my Cor Anglais A - Rhodos - Solo Instruments fight As gloomy grey skies Cast away the northern sun I turn home Always turn home I turn home Always turn home And our cities and villages Representing centuries and centuries Seem to drown due to eternal rainfall Or the rivers turn into Gold I turn home Always turn home Fatherland!

I Wenn Ich Schon Kinder Hätte - Xavier Naidoo - Alles Gute vor uns (DVD) turn to my Fatherland!

Keep on turning to my Fatherland! Always turn to my Fatherland! Our cities seem to drown Due to eternal rainfall I watch the rivers Turn into Gold Under a genial sun When snow capped forests Create visions larger than life Then I realise where I belong My eyes have seen the continents The beauty of foreign civilisations An uncontrollable desire Aris - Ancient Rites - Fatherland me to wander Yet echoes of melancholy and remembering The splendour being mine make me turn home Where castles and towers are the sole mountains And father time seems to have less grip Where castles and towers are the sole mountains There my land can be found I turn home Keep on coming to my Fatherland!

Torches to guide the way To walk the misty paths The forest seems like a shelter On this cold winter night A huge fire is reflecting shadows Of youth and old age As the open place is reached And the elderly take their seats This is the night of the season's change And a new fire shall be lit A silent moment to remember the deceased The way our ancestors did Season's change Season's change Traditional music containing the soul of a people On this cold winter night Again a circle completed and rituals more ancient As if the son of God never arrived Memories subconsciously always present Vague visions of past centuries This is the night!

When season's change This is the night! When season's change The trees seem to whisper their names Aris - Ancient Rites - Fatherland wind is full of a thousand voices As if summoned from the past Though no words are needed A tribe will never die!

Memories subconsciously always present Vague visions of past centuries Appearing in the mind Images of times we may have never lived Yet oh so present, so divine! This is the night when season's change. The cause of the Templar's order Was beyond religion So brilliant their splendour So wealthy their order Channelling all esoteric knowledge Into one universal thought Innovating rituals behind closed doors Occult traditions as well hidden secrets Intelligence the reason of their rise Intelligence the reason of their fall 13th of October Grandmaster Jacques De Molay Burned at the stake at "Ile Aris - Ancient Rites - Fatherland la Cite" A curse accompanying his last breath Within the year his enemies dead!

Cultivating ideals so serene Created by minds far supreme. HR - Our Neighbors Suck - Isolation Satana! Rise, rise, rise and fall!

Dear Robbespierre, hail to Thy revolution Which turned into an endless execution So sweet Thy blood must have tasted in the hour of Thy own execution Rise, rise, rise and fall! Clever, mad Rasputin No intrigue too grand A pleasure it was watching you rise But the delight so overwhelming As I witnessed your fall Throughout history my misanthropy Always has been grander than thine.

Hail to the Seducer M: Tired of obeying a God who rules like a tyrant G: You create your own kingdom M: Surrounded by creatures who pledge their allegiance G: Satan's legions none will ever see them fall Hail to you Hail to you Fallen Angel, Fallen Angel!!!

Your kingdom will come! I live to die How can my father turn to a God Who creates everything to die? I feel deceived, rejected How can one pray? All so useless, senseless, cruel


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  1. Mezira   Vur 03.02.2020
    Ancient Rites. "The Seducer" is a remake of a song from the band's Dark Ritual demo called "Fallen Angel". This demo song was also vastly modified and used as the outro on the Blasfemia Eternal album. That outro does bear the title "Fallen Angel". Artwork .
  2. Vokree   Tegore 05.02.2020
    Ancient Rites song lyrics for album Fatherland. Tracks: Mother Europe, Aris, Fatherland, Season's Change (Solstice), 13th Of October , Dying In A Moment Of Splendour (Echoes Of Melancholy), Rise And Fall (Anno Satana), The Seducer (Fallen Angel), Cain.
  3. Tetilar   JoJolar 06.02.2020
    Ancient Rites have also brought back Fallen Angel from their demo, changing it's name to The Seducer, and polishing it up a bit. It does feel a bit out of place on Fatherland with it's lack of European history theme that the rest of the album so obviously potrays.
  4. Kagaktilar   Grolrajas 29.01.2020
    Aris Lyrics: Hear me, ancient forefather (Ambiorix) / Honoured be Thy deeds / Leading our tribes against the aggressor / Outnumbered, a campaign that could not be won / (But forever Thy blood.
  5. Shazragore   Voktilar 30.01.2020
    Songs: Avondland, Mother Europe, Aris, Fatherland, Season's Change (Solstice). Artist name Artist genres Artist country Album title Album songs Album labels Album a Year Album line-up Advanced Artist Search Advanced Album Search.
  6. Guzil   Sajora 29.01.2020
    Sep 16,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Fatherland on Discogs/5(57).

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